Party Tent Rentals

Anthony's Party Rentals offers tent rentals to customers for various events: We also offer some party rental packages to suit many different needs. All Rental Prices are based on a one-day rental period.

Anthony’s Party Rentals offers an array of crisp, white tents in a variety of sizes suitable for your event: birthdays, graduations, charity events, corporate event, weddings, or just a get together.  Two types offered are frame tents and pole tents

Frame tents can be placed on concrete and secured with weighted barrels or placed on grass and staked down for a secured hold.

Pole tents are for grass placement and need additional side room for poles to be staked into the grass.  If requested, pole tents can be placed on concrete or asphalt surfaced, but at an additional charge due to permanent holes drilled for a secure hold.

View the Frame Tents, Pole Tents and the Tent Accessories available.