Concession Equipment Rental

Popcorn Machine - $65

Popcorn Machine Rental

A nice addition to any party. A self cooking popcorn machine, just add a popcorn serving to the machine, wait a couple minutes, then dump the popcorn. Who doesn't love popcorn?

Cotton Candy Machine - $65

Cotton Candy Machine Rental

A fun machine to add a touch of the carnival to your party, spin your own cotton candy and serve you guests.

Hot Dog Roller - $50

Hot Dog Roller Rental

Holds up to 25 Hot Dogs, perfect for keeping hot dogs warm for your party.


Slush Machine - $175

Slush Machine Rental

Cool down your guests with this great slush machine.

Ice Cream cart - $125

Ice Cream Cart Rental

An electric 112volt ice cream cart or a Dry Ice “powered” ice cream cart.
(Dry Ice Not Included)





Popcorn Machine Supplies

Popcorn Machine Rental and Supply

$3.50 per bag. Approximately 10 servings of popcorn per bag.



Cotton Candy Servings - $10

Cotton Candy Servings

Price per carton. Each carton of cotton candy mix has approximately 60 servings and includes wands.

Nacho Machine - $50

Nacho Machine Rental

Nachos and Cheese Not Included.


Slush Mix - $12

Slush Mix

Comes in a premixed gallon jug.


Soft Serve Ice Cream Machine - $225

Slush Mix

Comes in a premixed gallon jug.